The Reddit Travel Guy

Earlier this week, Hannah returned from a three week visit to the Order of Buddhist Contemplative's priory at Dragon Flower Mountain, B.C. It's good to have her home. She is thinner that when she left. Living on a monk's diet will do that, it seems.

So, I was living a facsimile of a bachelor's life for three weeks: work and socializing. It was a pretty realistic approximation of a bachelor's life in that my social circle has evolved in the peculiar way that, apart from Gil, all of my friends are female. To a disinterested observer, I was spending a lot of time in bars with different women. Coupled with the fact that I tend to tell time by light rather than clocks, I was staying up late and drinking a lot.

One of the nights out was at a recently discovered patio at the south-side Pint. I met Beatrice (Tris) Cassady Adams and Scott Simon there and we had a couple of pints and some ribs and wings. Other people began to show up, none of whom I knew, and soon we had three picnic tables pulled together - full of people. It turned out that this was another Reddit meet-up, this one focalized on the The Reddit Travel Guy, (RTG) a young man born in Hawaii and a direct-family member of a major airline employee. The family link means that he can fly stand-by for free to anywhere the airline services.

Since May of this year, he has been couch-surfing with Redditors all over the planet volunteering, helping, and participating in odd projects. The previous afternoon he helped Tris weed her garden. He also received a mission in Edmonton from a YEG-Redditor for implementation in the next several airports the RTG finds himself in.

In 1992, the 3 top girls names were Ashley, Amanda, and Sarah. The YEG-Redditor wrote 9 sealed letters, three to each name. RTG is to approach girls in their early 20's and ask, "Are you Sarah?", "Are you Amanda?", as though he vaguely recognizes them. If they answer 'yes', RTG hands over the letter and video tapes their reaction.

No one knows what the letters say.

RTG gave us stickers of the Reddit Alien. I replaced the labels on my Softsoap(tm) dispenser with them, significantly upping the awesome.

Apparently I failed to report that my first and only other Reddit meet-up in February 2011.

Photo by "Tulos"

While I have subsequently created a Reddit account for myself, I don't really use it. Tris has been my connection, such as it is, to the Edmonton Reddit community. She wanted to attend the February 2011 event but didn't want to go alone so I was recruited as Wing Man.